Elaine Woo MacGregor: Biography


Edinburgh-born Elaine was brought up by her traditional Chinese parents and is equally comfortable in both Chinese and Western cultures. From a young age she went to the Chinese school learning how to read and write Chinese. During that time, she was taught Chinese poetry and calligraphy. She has visited China several times to visit relatives.

In the family home, the fusion of the two cultures was reflected in the prints, textiles and furnishings. However, Scotland has always felt like home to Elaine.

Elaine moved to Glasgow at the age of 17 to study Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art. She graduated with a good degree, acquired a studio and began working as a full-time artist, exhibiting throughout UK and abroad. She began to be noticed as a serious and thoughtful painter and her first solo exhibition was 'Portraits' in Glasgow. Elaine has received recognition for her work in the form of the Dewar Arts Award, James Torrance Memorial Award, the Hope Scott Trust Award and the Cross Trust Fund.

In March 2008, Elaine was Artist in Residence for one month at the University of Guizhou, based at the Art Academy of Guiyang. Elaine says of the experience that, “it helped to bring back some strong connections to my Chinese roots; providing me with a better understanding of the Chinese way of life and its ancient philosophy.”

Elaine is also a passionate art lecturer. In early 2008, she was offered a post as Visiting Lecturer at the Glasgow School of Art, as well as teaching art at the Centre for Lifelong Learning in the University of Strathclyde.