Elaine Woo MacGregor

Sun Wun Kun – Leaping Monkeyoil on canvas95 x 94cm(2008)

Horseoil on canvas50 x 37.5cm(2009)

Miao Danceroil on board75 x 64.5cm(2008)

The Flight of the Wild Birdsoil on board75 x 59cm(2008)

The Smell of Cherry Blossom is Very Strongoil on board75 x 64.5cm(2008)

Still Life with Pak Choioil on board48 x 52cm(2008)

Break through Green Cloudsoil on board32.5 x 36cm(2008)

Headoil on board16.5 x 18cm(2008)

Huaxi Violetsoil on canvas122 x 85.5cm(2009)

Sunsetoil on canvas40 x 65cm(2008)

Midnight in Xijiangoil on board75 x 65cm(2008)

Constructionoil on board30 x 40cm(2008)

Bridal Horseoil on board48 x 52cm(2008)

Let’s Make a Wishoil on board40 x 51cm(2008)

Elephant Bridgeoil on board96 x 104cm(2009)

‘Literal representation in my work is not important;
I am interested in using my recent experiences of
China to drive the process of painting.’  read more